The Numbers

Learn more about live streaming data and the power of Pioplay’s data driven strategy


  • In a January 11,2018 Newsroom Article about the new algorithm, Facebook reported that live videos are favored highest in the News Feed and on average get SIX TIMES as many interactions as regular videos.
  • 82% of social media users prefer live videos over any other content. (New York Magazine Survey) LIVE VIDEO 82%
  • Live video is viewed 8X longer than videos on demand.(Tubular Insights)
  • Forecasts show that by 2021 live video will be consumed 20 times more than in 2016. (Cisco)

PIOPLAY AVERAGES (all organic, no boosting!)

  • Our live video posts are gaining 8 to 17 times more engagement likes/comments/shares) than our clients’ average video posts.
  • 5x greater click thru rates than the Facebook national average CTR.
  • 6 month to 1 year graphs like these are common for us (post reach, engagement, views, clicks, followers added, etc.) SPIKES like this

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We studied a year’s worth of weekly live streams our client streamed themselves before meeting us (47 videos total) VERSES our Pioplay multi-camera strategic livestream results.  Here is the power of Pioplay strategy!Client's AverageLive VideoOrganic ReachVS (2)


Every day, we seek the answers to 2 main questions:

#1 What are the most successful livestreams doing right?

#2 What are the least successful livestreams doing wrong?

After every stream we produce, we study the data. We are also keeping data on thousands of social media pages who livestream. Every factor you can imagine and even those you had no idea affect viewership… we keep tabs so we can help our clients bring their mission to life. In fact, we’ve been able to successfully predict what Facebook Live videos will end up on Billboard’s Top 10 Facebook Live chart, and we even found a couple of live videos they missed!


Did you know internationally renowned trance artist Armin van Buuren integrated multi-camera live streaming into his social media strategy almost every week for the last 6 months? Here’s how he charted.meta-chart (5)A whopping 22% of the videos on the chart for the last 6 months belong to Armin!!!!! Here’s the breakdown: In January, he charted 5 times (#4, 7, 8, 9, 10). In March, he charted #3 and 8. In April, he topped the chart at #1 with his multi-camera livestream, which brought in 3x more views than his iphone video which charted at #9 that same month. In May, he charted #9 and 10. Armin really encompasses the power that multi-camera live streaming has to bring your brand to the forefront of the Facebook feed. It’s data like his that we are always searching for.