CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Knowledge Bank / Mayor’s Opportunity Now Initiative

This summer we had the incredible honor of participating in a wonderful new initiative started by Mayor Megan Barry called Opportunity Now in which the city employed 10,000 young people ages 14-24. This initiative selected Knowledge Bank as their financial literacy partner, a nonprofit whose mission is to create hope and opportunity through financial education.

To assist in the hurdle of educating 500 students across 9 different sites, Knowledge Bank brought on Pioplay Livestream to broadcast the workshop to each of these locations simultaneously. Through a weekly series of live streamed workshops, Knowledge Bank was able to not only educate these young people on financial principles but also keep track of their progress and the outcomes were outstanding! Here are our favorite stats and a few student group photos too!

82% of students felt they were better prepared to manage their money after Knowledge Bank workshops.


75% of students created a budget!


83% of the surveyed HS interns had a checking and/or savings account at the completion of the program.


59% of students saved more than $300 (94% of students saved something)


Founder Courtney Hale commented, “Although we were only expected to provide programming for 500 students, Pioplay allowed us to make financial education accessible to ALL students in the Opportunity Now program. I could not have been more impressed by the Pios’ professionalism and quality of work.”

Because of Pioplay Livestream, 10,000 Nashville students gained access to Knowledge Bank workshops. Thank you Knowledge Bank for bringing us on such a wonderful and impactful city initiative. Even after the first week, we heard of one student already hired for a full time position at $15/hour straight out of high school. Her internship through Opportunity Now gave her a chance to prove herself and learn lifelong career skills. What a remarkable program!

To learn more about Knowledge Bank and the wonderful work they are doing in our city, visit http://www.knowledgebanknashville.org/

To learn more about the Mayor’s Opportunity Now program, visit http://www.nashville.gov/Mayors-Office/Opportunity-Now.aspx

Knowledge Bank photo (without Eric).PNG

Left to right: Marissa Pio (Pioplay co-founder), Courtney Hale (Knowledge Bank founder), Eric (Knowledge Bank volunteer)



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