About Us

Learn more about the founders of Pioplay Livestream and how Pioplay differentiates

Power couple editedEric and Marissa Pio live in Nashville, Tennessee, and they are the cofounders of Pioplay Livestream. Pioplay is quickly gaining a name across Middle Tennessee as the premier provider of livestream turn key production, producing astounding results because of their unique data based strategy. Media outlets like the Nashville Business Journal and the Nashville Post are covering their quick rise after their hit livestream of Keith Urban’s tour announcement reached 1 million views in just 12 hours.KU screenshot This year alone, even with the new Facebook algorithm, they are still gaining astoundingly high viewership and it’s all organic. So how did they accomplish such a high viewership? And on top of that… 8 to 10 times larger engagement and reach than their clients’ past video posts? Years of experience, analysis of thousands of live videos, and test research on various equipment.

the pios logoTheir story began four years ago when freelance videographer Eric Pio implored his wife Marissa (a lover of video editing) to dive into the world of social media video advertising with him. After two years of successful social media video campaigns under The Pios: An E-Motion Picture Company (doubling or tripling sales and donations and quadrupling exposure for brands), in early 2016… the signs all started pointing towards their new future. The power of live streaming was quickly taking over the social media marketing world with the launch of Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live all happening within the span of a year. As a result, Eric and Marissa spent the last two years researching the new platforms and softwares, testing the latest in live streaming equipment, and perfecting the art of live streaming and simulcasting to multiple social media platforms, embeddable live streaming players, private or ticketed event pages, etc. Pioplay Revised Logo Horizontal 2 After many many months of pulling hair, getting little sleep, and investing in Tylenol heavily for their headaches… they now re-launched their company as Pioplay Livestream, Tennessee’s only video production company specializing in state-of-the-art mobile HD multi-camera live streaming AND strategy. In addition to high quality 4k production, Pioplay provides pre-production consultation for your livestream strategy AND post production analysis reports of your stream. In an effort to give their clients the best advice possible to bring their mission to life, Pioplay collects and analyzes hundreds of streams each month to stay on top of what’s working in the industry. As a result, they know how to break records time and time again for their clients.

Pioplay now solves 3 long standing issues in the live streaming space:

Image result for thinking#1 Strategy – Without a knowledge of what’s working in live content, your stream can fail your audience. We’ve seen artists with millions of followers get as little as 4,000 views with a large camera crew while Pioplay brings in over a million views in 12 hours. “Point and shoot” just doesn’t cut the mustard any more in such a competitive space, especially in social media. Pre-production planning is key, and we base our planning off our own analysis of thousands of streams.

#2 Internet Strength – We made it our mission to find the most reliable mobile internet system available so that our customers would not have to worry any more. We heard time and time again that reliable internet is the hardest hurdle. Now by bringing our own custom bonded mobile internet solution, we can stream and not lose the signal.

#3 Footprint – With our extremely small footprint and just a two man crew needed, we are able to achieve high quality results no matter whether the event is in a small office or an arena. We not only use 4k cameras but these cameras are also very capable in low light situations so large lighting rigs aren’t required. As a result, no longer will you have to decide between prioritizing the live audience on site by sacrificing quality of the stream or prioritizing the audience watching at home and sacrificing seats in the audience for cameras. Both audiences will have the same wonderful experience with Pioplay, and no sacrifices will be made.

Pioplay solves the common issues and brings more to the table strategically than any other streaming company. Together Eric and Marissa Pio will bring your vision to LIVE!